Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Drycool System’s Water Cooled Scroll Chiller is an eco-friendly chiller that is easier to install and it will work smoothly even in extreme weather conditions. We are one of the best chiller manufacturers in India who are having experience and skill in manufacturing, designing, and testing scroll chillers. We are determined to have international grade parameters to offer the best possible functionalities. Drycool Systems specifically engineering for the reliability to the design with simplicity to reduce the cost.

Water Cooled Scroll Chiller:

The compressors which are used in the Water Cooled scroll chiller use individual refrigeration circuits which will offer reliability along with multiple compressor configurations. Refrigeration circuits are separately involved which enables zero-downtime maintenance. This can be possible even with the working module on duty without any halt in the production. Scroll chillers are completely compact with the installed flid pump along with a storage tank in the skid.

water cooled scroll chiller


The machinery is ISO certified which will be having CFC-free refrigerants with R407C & R134A. It will be having a built-in process pump along with stainless steel chilled water expansion tank. We will offer an ambient temperature of (+) 50 degrees Celsius and the cooling temperature of (+) 37 degrees Celsius. Scroll chillers are completely based on the microprocessor which is extremely suitable for processing cooling applicants ranging from (+) 20 degrees Celsius and (-) 40 degrees Celsius.

Drycool will be offering a wide range of process cooling applications for every  Scroll chiller. It will offer quick installation along with controllers and wiring. This is the major reason for getting the maximum functional efficiency. We are having a team of experts who will offer a certified range of water-cooled scroll chillers. This is functional for use in hotels, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, and shops. They are completely requested with using high-quality raw materials for producing authentic machinery.

It is useful for cooling down various critical components of the machines. It is also used in various productive works such as pet bottles, plastic injection, powder coating guns, and pouch packing. Most of the Clients are dependable on customized water-cooled scroll chillers to meet their requirements. We are the best chiller supplier in India, although we are also having influence in international market including African countries, Gulf countries, and southeast Asia. We also office separate refrigeration circuits which will enable easy maintenance without any downtime.


Prominent Features of Drycool System’s Water Cooled Scroll Chiller:

Various features are integrated into The Water Cooled Scroll Chiller which we have listed below.

  • it is having full load energy efficiency and part load energy efficiency along with multiple and single refrigeration circuits.
  • get a fully automatic PLC unit along with the remote operation and data logging facilities.
  • it is completely energy efficient.
  • scroll chillers are having study design.
  • completely silent operation due to low noise level.
  • it is having CFC-free Eco-friendly refrigerants R134A & R407C.
  • completely convenient and user-friendly.
  • high energy-efficient and reliable.
  • perfect for handling load applications.
  • having multiple compression configurations.
  • efficient and auto distribution loading while running the chiller.
  • it is having access capacity control ranging from 25% & 100% with adaptive variation for process load.
  • there are various factors which include increased condensing area, high floor design, extra tube thickness, etc. This will offer high efficiency along with operational reliability and easy maintenance.
  • perfect discharge temperature controller with proper protection.
  • Fluid operation with excellent performance.
  • robust construction along with eco-friendly machinery.
  • user-friendly design.
  • great quality with Lengthy operational life.
  • easy maintenance with low maintenance cost.
  • no downtime while maintaining the machinery.

Advantages of Drycool System’s Water Cooled Scroll Chiller:

  • water cold chillers are having a long life span compared to other kinds of chillers. As the chillers are having outdoor elements including heat, rain, ice, and snow. This is the main reason they are completely protected.
  • They are not having any vents and ducts which is why it will have low noise. It is a complete and noticeable flow of water in the machinery. This could be beneficial in silent operation industries including schools, hospitals, etc. As it could be a nuisance for the occupants in this industry.
  • water-cooled chillers transfer the heat more efficiently compared to air-cooled chillers. This could be beneficial for both savings on energy cost and business.
  • they need to be placed in the building so it does not require any open space for installation.
  • they will be using water as the refrigerant apart from any toxic chemicals. This makes it completely ago friendly and safe to use for both people and the environment. And it would be helpful to the people once frequently in contact with them.