About Our Industrial Chillers

Drycool Systems is one of the best chiller suppliers in India for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning companies. We are equipped with proper HVAC system integration, investment management, core integration air conditioning production, and contract energy Management. We are completely dedicated to properly using geothermal, thermal power generation, industrial waste heat recovery, and various other new energy fields. We will be completely dedicated to the production and system development of the central air conditioning systems, solutions, and services.

Our Approach:
Drycool Systems will not only follow the industry standards but we will define them for others.
Drycool Systems will improve the life of industry and building by collaborating with industry and building owners with the best industrial chillers. We will also contribute with the operators to the high-performance industry and building by contributing measurable conditions. We will offer over the year benefits along with proper support to the critical objective to fulfill the mission. We are determined to explore all the missions of the organization which includes industry and building itself by using financial and strategic objectives.
We will take various steps and take the challenges to improve the industry and building performance. We will ensure to determine the better ways to the industry and building environment which could impact the organization for a better cause. Drycool Systems is completely committed to delivering the best sustainable performance along with knowledge and innovation for increasing life and high performance in the industry and building the organization with chillers in India.

Our Innovation:
Innovation is our objective and it is also our identity.
Drycool Systems completely believe in the beginning of innovation is with the customer’s requirement. Complete usage of cutting-edge concepts and aggressive designs completely innovates from the challenges which are existing in the marketplace. It will completely use the infrastructure and all the changing regulations to fuel the fluctuating cost along with innovation. Our location will help various organizations to achieve their objectives and machines by receiving unique environmental needs. Customized Chillers technology is completely improved and changed over the years and Drycool Systems is proud to be a part of it. The majority of the consumers trust Drycool Systems’ innovation and expertise solutions to achieve the organizational mission.

Our Sustainability:
We are completely committed to sustainability.
Drycool Systems being the best chiller manufacturers in India completely understand the requirement for sustainable business practices due to the changes in the environment that has grown rapidly. Every customer is expecting the company’s home they are engaging with the business is aggressively committed towards sustainability. This is not only a gesture towards being a responsible environment concerned company but it is one of the future concern approaches towards various businesses. Drycool Systems will not only help the organization to achieve the industry and building mission but it is also having the goal of having energy efficiency solutions for the generations to come.

Our Diversity:
Drycool Systems are completely operational in various divisions which will ensure a better impact on the environmental and industrial aspects.
• Manufacturing, planning, procurement, and R & D.
• Administration and finance.
• Sales and marketing strategy.
• Parts and supplies.
• HVAC maintenance along with rental chiller services.

Screw chiller

we manufacture screw chillers like Air-cooled screw chillers, Water-cooled Screw chillers & Inverter screw chiller also.

Scroll Chillers

we offer the most cost-effective scroll chillers like Air-cooled scroll chillers, Water-cooled scroll chillers & Inverter scroll chiller also.

Ammonia Chillers

The use of ammonia, will maximize the performance of the machines with an overall benefit on the running costs the users have to bear.

Brine Chillers

Drycool System’s Brine Chillers will afford the demanding temperature ranging from +6⁰C to -65⁰C. We will offer a uniquely modern and compact design for every Brine Chillers.

Chiller for Injection Molding Machine

Drycool Systems will be offering chiller for Injection molding industries with a wide range of capacities from 1 ton to 400 tons.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers are heating removal devices that use water to transfer and process waste heat into the atmosphere. The cooling tower includes both industrial cooling towers and commercial cooling tower.