Chiller for Plastic Industry

We manufacture chiller for Plastic Industry. This efficient equipment is completely energy efficient due to the compressors being installed in the chiller. It is also having a recirculation pump which is completely working based on the compassion principle by proper regulation of the temperature.

Chiller for plastic industry:

Whether it is extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, vacuum forming, lamination plants, tape plant or non-woven fabric plants – the plastic industry in India and all over the world is vast, high paced, and always requiring more and more chilled water. Drycool chillers have been the product of choice for many plastics molding companies because of the ability to move the chiller from press to press. Drycool also manufactures FRP Cooling Towers and keeps them in stock from 10 TR – 1000 TR at all times.

Many of our clients prefer quick delivery of units, so our in-stock chillers and cooling towers can provide a quick means of solving a cooling issue fast.

18.14 kg/hour HDPE
15.87 kg/hour LDPE     15.87 kg/hour Acrylic 15.87 kg/hour PP
18.14 kg/hour Nylon
18.14 kg/hour Derlin
18.14 kg/hour Urethane
20.4 kg/hour PET
22.6 kg/hour PS
22.6 kg/hour ABS
22.6 kg/hour PC
22.6 kg/hour Acetal
31.7 kg/hour PVC
27.21 kg/hour ABS
27.21 kg/hour PS PROFILE 22.6 – 27.2 kg/hour HDPE
22.6 – 27.2 kg/hour LDPE
22.6 – 27.2 kg/hour PP
22.6 – 27.2 kg/hour PET
27.2 – 37 kg/hour ABS
27.2 – 37 kg/hour PVC
18.14 lbs/hour HDPE
18.14 lbs/hour PET
18.14 lbs/hour PVC
31.75 kg/hour HDPE & LDPE
31.75 kg/hour PP
90.7 kg/hour PS
113.3 kg/hour PVC
BLOW MOULDING 18.14 KG/HR of Polyolefins = 1 Chiller Ton Cooling Required

In every plastic process industry, it is required to have the proper production of high-quality products to have the proper maintenance in the machine productivity. We will offer you the proper ensuring with the machinery production which would run efficiently and smoothly. Drycool Systems provide chillers for plastic industry that will offer a cutting-edge chiller for the plastic process.

We will offer a high-performing chiller for the plastic process which is manufactured by maintaining the international standard. Our team of experts is working hard to ensure the durability and quality of every chiller for the plastic Industry. Our industry is completely working on the proper perfection of the refrigeration technology to have the high-end delivery of good quality customer service.

Chiller for Plastic Industry

We are experienced in offering the proper leadership in the engineering works which enables us to deliver the custom solution for every project. Our product will have more equipment life even any life rate of other equipment. It is an axillary cooling machine with proper integration of various features for the plastic process. Various features include temperature control, dehumidification, molding, and drying.

These features will ensure the proper release of heat along with the proper cooling technique using an air-cooled or water-cooled chiller system. Chiller 4 plastic process is entirely made out of screw and scroll compressors along with the integration of water tank, evaporator, condenser, water pump, power supply, hot gas bypass, solenoid valve, dryer filter, conveying system, and mixer.

This will ensure to have a more efficient performance in the overall functionality of the product in the industry.

Major Features of Drycool System’s Chiller for Plastic Process:

  • Chiller for the plastic process is ideal for various industries including injection molding which will give the proper instant cooling process to have the properly heated molding. This will help in getting the perfect product shape by saving energy and having less power consumption.
  • The product will instantly release the internal stress of the plastic along with the grain mark. It will offer the most durable product manufacturing along with quick and fast productivity in the industry.
  • Get connected with our team of expert engineers to get the proper understanding benefits of using a chiller for the plastic process.
  • Get the proper functionality of the chiller for the plastic Industry with proper drying, cooling production, humidity removal, and temperature control configuration. There are various versatile components installed into the equipment to offer you the perfect operation in different fields.
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