Drycool Intelligence is a leading provider of advanced building technologies and energy solutions for a wide variety of customers and market segments. Our broad set of capabilities allows us to be the premier single-source integrator of critical building systems and migrations away from proprietary building automation systems.


Drycool Intelligence staff handles scheduling, auditing, design, customer proposal preparation, materials procurement, subcontractor selection, direct electrical/controls installation, construction, and project management, quality control and post-installation verification, warranty management, complaint resolution, tracking and reporting, and, lastly, staff education and training. The Drycool turnkey design-build approach eliminates the need for engaging and contracting with multiple engineering firms, installation contractors, equipment suppliers, and other vendors.

Design & Engineering – We can complete all project engineering including lighting engineering, energy engineering, mechanical engineering, retro-commissioning, and controls engineering.

Lighting Installation – Drycool employs experienced electricians and lighting technicians. This team has assembled significant experience installing lighting energy efficiency projects throughout India.

  • Blue Ridge Lighting (BACnet lighting controls)
  • Acuity Brands, including LC&D, nlight, and more

Controls Programming – Our staff perform the controls sequence programming and the associated graphics.

Controls Installation – Drycool’s in-house electrical staff self performs controls installations.

  • Furnish Tridium and Distech Controls systems
  • Integration/programming capabilities on Johnson, Siemens,
  • Andover, and Automated Logic (ALC) systems

Retro-Commissioning/Commissioning/Monitoring Based Commissioning – Drycool has a very talented team of commissioning exports who support our engineering team during the pre-construction activities and then supports the Implementation team to make sure that systems and controls are installed and fully operational at the project’s conclusion.

We employ a full team of energy, design and commissioning personnel, including electrical and mechanical engineers and certified project managers. We can perform all building controls lighting, lighting control, airside mechanical and HVAC control design and installation work in-house. A summary of services offered by Drycool is provided as follows:

Bundled Energy Projects – When it comes to upgrading an organization’s energy systems infrastructure, too often the energy services industry has been focused on supplying swollen proposals to meet a minimum project size or selling a proprietary product their company manufactures. Our priority is to solve the needs of each customer, and nothing else.

Mechanical Systems – Each energy-consuming system in your facility requires specific attention and must be tailored to meet the needs of each unique space — without it, the people using the space aren’t empowered to perform at their highest potential and achieve maximum success. Mechanical systems make up a large portion of an organization’s energy use, but they also deliver irreplaceable value to building occupants. Optimized mechanical systems can produce fresh air and the right amount of cooling in the summer and heat in the winter to ensure that the people in your organization can thrive.

Building Automation Systems – Building automation systems can lose sight of the human element, forcing people to take a back seat to the latest technology. Users who are uncomfortable with their control systems will never take full advantage of the benefits their building automation project has to offer.

BMS Service Provider

Lighting Systems – Improper or inadequate lighting can negatively impact building occupants, resulting in decreased performance, or injury. Many in the lighting retrofit market promote one size- fits-all lighting solutions that don’t take into consideration the unique needs of each space.

Solar PV – Many organizations utilize energy solutions that are outdated, poorly sized and inefficient, resulting in wasted resources that could be reinvested in your business. Solar PV provides an excellent sustainable energy alternative, but without the right expertise, it is impossible to integrate solar PV to deliver maximum value.

Smart Cities –Many communities may not realize that investing in smart technology and using energy cost savings to upgrade infrastructure, reduces municipal expenses, frees up resources, and improves citizens’ way of life so they can work, play, and live better.

Building Support Services – We provide real training and ongoing building support services with the goal of you owning your building automation system, so you can unlock its full potential and appreciate all its benefits. Not every organization has the needed resources to get the most out of its energy systems. If that’s the case, then we’re here to support you with building a support service plan that makes sense for you.

Performance Contracting – Both government and private organizations are saddled with ageing, inefficient energy systems that siphon critical financial resources. While an energy optimization system can help achieve cost savings, many organizations lack the startup capital or personnel to initiate an energy project. Using performance contracting as a vehicle is one of the ways we can deliver budget-neutral energy optimization projects with guaranteed energy savings.

 Internet of Things and Energy Analytics – Drycool works with you in developing customized energy management dashboards. We use skyspark platform to implement energy monitoring systems to provide real time insights on an enterprise level. Some of our services include:-

  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Fault Diagnostics and Detection
  • Chiller Plant Optimization
  • Skyspark Integration
  • Energy Analytics