Air-cooled Reciprocating Chillers

Special features of Drycool’s Air Cooled Reciprocating Chillers:

• Chillers are designed to attain brine, glycol and methanol temperatures upto -50 deg C and can work on condensing temperatures as high as 57 deg C
• Energy efficient reciprocating compressors from Denmark (Danfoss), Germany (Bitzer), and Italy (Dorin) with piston and cylinders for compression of refrigerant and ease of maintenance
• Customization to add flame proof motors (Bharat Bijlee/ Crompton/ ABB/ Siemens) on open drive reciprocating compressors as per requirement.
• Eco friendly freon gas R-134a / R-407C/ R-404a
• Customization to use Ammonia (NH3) as a refrigerant
• Electronic expansion valve for minimum superheat, energy efficiency and precise temperature control
• Multiple circuits including brine or water pumps and stainless-steel storage tanks on skid
• Wheels provided on the skid for extra ruggedness for mobile operation
• Low Fins per inch count and high condensing surface area with blue coated fins for easy maintenance
• Shell and tube type evaporators with high-flow design, ready to handle fluid debris and suspended particles. Customization to use SS 316 shell and SS316 tubes is also available.
• Weatherproof design with IP55 / IP65 level protection
• Customization to add Siemens/Allen Bradley/Schneider’s automatic PLC, HMI, Industrial PC and Scada units with remote operation and data logging facilities
• Customization to use ATEX/PESO certified instrumentation and ATEX certified compressors
• Third Party ATEX Chiller Certification can be provided
• Automatic stepped capacity control from 25%-50%-75%-100%, or stepless capacity control, from 25% to 100%.