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We manufacture best quality of VFD chiller, It used for controlling the delivery of the water pressure. Buy VFD chiller in a reasonable price.

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et’s talk about VFD or commonly known as variable frequency drive is nothing new in the chilling industry. we are VFD Chillers Manufacturer in India. They are being exclusively used for air handling unit fans, water pumps, and cooling tower fans. It is a part of exclusive pressure technology which is present in every microprocessor-based control system. Drycool Systems is the best chiller manufacturer in India.
We will be offering the option to add a variable frequency drive that will have the proper control of the pump motor. This is an additional technology that will add up to the variable speed drive chillers. This will enable the users to cut the operating cost along with the exclusive addition to the remote management features.
VFD is used for controlling the delivery of the water pressure, delivery of the flow rate, or the remote pressure using the remote process sensor. It will have the ability to ensure the process parameter need to be set up directly according to the user input on the chiller system. This will enable the chiller to have a remote communication protocol and ensure high productivity.

It will also enable the chiller to have multiple adjustable parameters which will give unique user process characteristics. Our team of expert engineers insured you with advanced cooling solutions for every need. You can easily get integration into a wide range of centrifugal chillers, scroll chillers, and screw chillers. One of the major advantages of having integrated water-cooled VFD chillers is that they will have very low power consumption at part load.
Every chiller is equipped with an eco-friendly cooler refrigerant such as R134A. Every chiller goes through a high-end quality check-up, and it is being manufactured based on international standards of manufacturing. We manufacture and supply VFD chiller in India & Export also. VFD can be used for modulating the operating speed of every chiller based on fluctuation load. This makes it have advantages over various load applications such as multiplexes, office spaces, hospitals, hotels, and malls.

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Accurate Monitoring

The accurate monitoring system is being integrated to have the proper tracking of suction pressure and other types of system variables.


It will offer the most cost-effective functionality due to the 50% less usage of energy. High-end temperature control with energy-saving benefits without much requirement for maintenance.

Get Accurate Adjustment

Get accurate adjustment of compressor motor speed according to the requirement of the industry. With the implementation of proper monitoring functionality according to the functionality.

Optimum Performance

Various new additional imports are being included which will help in offering the optimum performance by adjustment of the compressor speed.

Compressor in the chiller

The compressor in the chiller is large and has a capacity of 750HP. VFD controls the motor speed whereas if it is being absent the motor will run at full speed according to the application without any control.

Expert Engineers

Get high-quality products from our line of expert engineers to have the best high-end customer experience.