Brine Chiller Manufacturer

Drycool System’s Brine Chillers will afford the demanding temperature ranging from +6⁰C to -65⁰C. We will offer a uniquely modern and compact design for every Brine Chiller. We are one of the best Brine Chiller Manufacturers, We have a hermetically sealed compressor that will have the chiller packaging with high energy-efficient technology. We supply brine chiller in India and export all over the world, We will use two stages of the integrated compressor with subcooling functionality. There are several accessories which are related which will increase the achievement of the temperature as low as -65⁰C.

Brine Chillers:

All of the brine chiller packages are having integration with an insulated brine storage tank and recirculating pump. These brine chillers are having wide applications in electroplating plants, anodizing plants, chemical process plants, Latex cooling, laboratory application, etc. The system will offer brine or water up to -30⁰C for cooling purposes by using reciprocating or screw-type compressors. Brine Chillers are having capacities which are ranging from 3TR to 200TR and various other ranges.

Brine Chiller

Brine Chiller is the best solution when the cooling medium is water along with glycol. It will only occur when the low fluid temperature is needed and even the glycol needs to be added for the cooling water to protect it from freezing. Our system will offer a constant supply of chilled propylene glycol from the range -25⁰C or +7⁰C. Ethylene glycol can only be used for such applications when the glycol circuits and not in the contact with the food products.

The brine chiller is perfectly equipped with the integration of an air-cooled condenser, even it can operate with a remote air-cooled or even the evaporative condenser. The branches are best for the outdoor installation or even for the indoor installation in the missionary room depending on the requirement of the industry. The Brine Chillers are having complete equipment of special regulation mechanism which will increase unceasing smooth operation even when the temperature is -20⁰C in the ambient temperature.

The Brine Chillers is having a chilled glycol pumping system and the storage tank can also contain the unit which can be assembled separately the compact metal base for easy installation. The entire pumping system is done on one circuit loop or even the secondary and primary circuits for the best stability according to the demand of the cooling. This will offer the best energy-saving option which is much needed in every kind of industry.

Prominent Features of Drycool System’s Brine Chiller:

Various features are integrated into the Brine Chiller which we have listed below.

  • Equipped with environment-friendly refrigerants R-134A, R-407C, and R-410A.
  • It is completely energy-efficient and reliable and equipped with a scroll compressor of European origin.
  • It is equipped with an individual and separate refrigeration circuit with every compressor.
  • The electronic expansion valve is for large capacities, precise temperature control, and energy efficiency.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Also get high condensing and low FPI count, which will offer the high flow, low noise, and pressure-controlled axial fans. This will ensure high energy efficiency and even it can be operable with various harsh ambient conditions.
  • Solution energy-saving equipment.
  • Superior reliability.
  • A fully automatic PLC-based unit is added for data login and remote operation facilities.
  • Long equipment life.
  • Adaptive frequency drive option available.
  • Clean energy and intelligent management.
  • Highly durable design with the best class cop.
  • Efficient lubrication even during the power failure.
  • Easy interface with BMS through protocols.
  • Ozone friendly refrigerant HFC407c & HFC134a.
  • The complete body is made out of galvanized steel.
  • Polyurethane paint and powder coated.
  • It is having single and multiple skid-mounted units of refrigeration circuits which also includes an oil pump and bypass mechanism.
  • Factory manufacture and tested tube in tube system along with shell and tube evaporators. It will offer a high flow high-pressure design along with various specific process applications. It is specially designed for handling oils properly.
  • Get a fully automatic PLC-based unit that will offer data logging facilities and remote operation.
  • It is having high condensing areas and low if count which will increase the high flow and low noise with pressure control axial fans. It will offer the best energy efficiency while operating in Harsh ambient conditions.
  • Having fully automatic and step capacity control with multiple compressor operations ranging from 33 % to 100%.
  • It is equipped with an advanced microprocessor-based controller.
  • World-class safety controllers for compressors and equipment.
  • Water flow switches and antifreeze safety.
  • Completely functionally tested.
  • Custom-built machine inquiries are also being entertained due to specific requirements of the client.
  • Site support along with AMC options for the entire life of the equipment.
  • Get extended warranty options which are available for up to 5 years.

Advantages of Drycool System’s Brine Chiller:

  • Get upgraded technical solution due to the tube and shell type heat exchanging method.
  • Brine Chiller of every category will provide an economical solution.
  • Get the most advanced solution with the plate-type heat exchangers which are available for the evaporator and condensers. This functionality is available for the Water Cooled Brine Chiller system.
  • Available in both types Water Cooled and Air Cooled systems.
  • Having the proper integration of the latest generation technology of compressors. The compressors include hermetic, scroll, semi-hermetic, and screw.
  • Having unique protection, control, and regulation of the device which is having microprocessor-based on analog and digital system.
  • Get integrated heat pump systems.
  • Easy achievement of temperatures as low as -5⁰C.
  • It also has an insulated brine storage tank along with the recirculating pump.
  • Get demanded temperature which is suitable for the application of various temperatures to range from +6⁰C to -50⁰C.