Chiller for HDPE Pipes CPVC Pipes UPVC Pipes

We Manufacture and supply HDPE pipes chiller, CPVC Pipes chillers, UPVC Pipes chillers. In the HDPE, CPVC, UPVC pipe industry, it has been observed that due to the high presence of dust content and suspended particles in the shell and tube evaporators of conventional chillers, choking is prevalent. This leads to severe damage in the chiller system and interferes with the production capacity.

CPVC Pipes, PVC pipes and HDPE pipes are produced by through the following extrusion process:

• Raw materials in powder or pellet form are added into a hopper.
• Through the hopper the raw material is gradually fed into the barrel of a single or twin-screw extruder.
• Powder or pellets melt when they are heated to nearly 200 deg C within the barrel.
• Continuous plastic tube or cylinder is formed when the extruder pushes the melted plastic through an annular die.
• Continuous plastic tubing is now cooled and extracted from the extruder. (Drycool’s extrusion chillers integrate process cooling to draw away heat from pipes during production. They ensure that the required temperature conditions are available for manufacturing the specific type of HDPE Pipe/ UPVC Pipe/ CPVC Pipe.)
• Within the cutting unit it is cut to the desired length.
• The product finally then enters a vacuum or pressure calibration, where it expands to its actual production size.