Industrial Reciprocating Chillers

Special features of Drycool’s Industrial Reciprocating Chillers:

• Reciprocating compressors from Denmark, Germany, Italy, and the USA
• Eco friendly freon gas R-134a / R-407C/ R-404a and Ammonia (NH3)
• In case of large sizes, Drycool provides tests the systems in the factory and provides the option to dismantle and re-commission the system at the site
• Customization to provide ATEX certification and third-party inspection in the factory
• Electronic expansion valves for minimum superheat, energy efficiency, and accurate temperature control
• DX and Flooded Evaporators are manufactured as per international standards.
• High fouling factors, increased surface area, robust design, for higher operational reliability, and easier maintenance
• Stepless capacity control from 25% – 100% or Stepped capacity control from 25% – 50% – 75% – 100% which can adapt to varying process cooling loads and requirements.
• Customization to add Siemens/Allen Bradley/Schneider’s automatic PLC, HMI, Industrial PC, and Scada units with remote operation and data logging facilities
• Customization to use ATEX/PESO-certified instrumentation and ATEX-certified compressors
• Third Party ATEX Chiller Certification can be provided