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we are one of the best cooling tower manufacturers. We supply Square Type Cooling Tower, Bottle Type Cooling Tower, Rectangular Type Cooling Tower, Forced Draft Cooling Tower.

Buy Cooling Tower:

We are cooling tower manufacturer. Cooling Towers are heating removal devices that use water to transfer and process waste heat into the atmosphere. Buy cooling tower includes both industrial cooling towers and commercial cooling tower. we are manufacturer of cooling tower. It uses the principle of removing the heat from the water using the operation process small part of the water which is recirculated through the unit. The proper mixture of cool air and one water instantly releases the heat of vaporization which makes the water cool. we supply our cooling tower in India & all over the world. You can buy cooling tower in a very sufficient price. A High-rise building is much required to have a cooling tower that ensures the proper management of temperature in the building. Drycool Systems is a chiller manufacturer which ensures the proper maintenance of air using the innovation and modernization of the commercial cooling towers.

Buy Cooling Tower

We offer Cooling Towers:

1) Square Type Cooling Tower:

Square Type Cooling Tower

Our company is engaged in manufacturing a qualitative range of FRP square type cooling towers.

Which are offered to industry for process cooling . These are demanded by the users of process coolers, diesel engine, machine and air-conditioning plants.

2) Bottle Type Cooling Tower:

Bottle Type Cooling Tower

Our Bottle Type cooling towers are of induced draft design, which is why these are more efficient than forced draft counter flow design. Using less power per cooling ton, our towers represent the latest development in the use of plastic technology. Using superior quality FRP materials in fabrication, we offer towers which have resistant to damages and also prevent corrosive effect of weather and chemicals. Our induced draft design consumes 50% less energy and it can easily cut city water and sewer bills by up to 97%, as water is re-circulated instead of being wasted.

3) Rectangular Type Cooling Tower:

Rectangular Type Cooling Tower

Backed by rich industry experience, we are offering an extensive range of Rectangular Type Cooling Tower. Precisely manufactured by our adroit professionals using premium quality raw material and most recent technology, this cooling tower is available in different technical specifications as per the precise requirements of clients. Also, offered cooling tower is tested on numerous quality parameters to ensure its flawless finish.

4) Forced Draft Cooling Tower:

Forced Draft Cooling Tower

Forced draft — A mechanical draft tower with a blower type fan at the intake. The fan forces air into the tower, creating high entering and low exiting air velocities. The low exiting velocity is much more susceptible to recirculation. With the fan on the air intake, the fan is more susceptible to complications due to freezing conditions. Another disadvantage is that a forced draft design typically requires more motor horsepower than an equivalent induced draft design. The benefit of the forced draft design is its ability to work with high static pressure. Such setups can be installed in more-confined spaces and even in some indoor situations.

Systems of Cooling Towers:

Most cooling towers are used for industrial processes, we will list out the types of the cooling tower which gate is to every kind of requirement.

  • Natural draft cooling tower system:

This is used for large industries and power plant which needs cooling water flow continuously. It operates to remove the waste heat by increasing the hot air and releasing it into the atmosphere. It is hyperbolic in shape which will increase the proper airflow.

  • Mechanical draft cooling tower system:

It works by force in the air through a structure using a fan with circulates the Year two of the tower. Most commonly the centrifugal fans and popular fans are being used in these towers. They are much more effective compared to natural draft towers as they consume more power and even cost more to operate.

  • Crossflow cooling tower systems:

This is specially designed to allow the air to flow horizontally to the fill and the structure of the tower is an open plenum area. All the hot water will flow downward from the distribution basin. Also, important to have a motor driver the fan in weather topi against the moisture which can lead to freezing more inefficient.

  • Counterflow cooling tower systems:

In this design, the air moves upward and the counter-current along with the hot water is falling directly downward to cool the air. This increases the performance at the maximum level to have the minimizing pump head requirement. Schedule of the counter flow cooling tower system which is much more efficient to make cold system in the hot weather and also self-energy in the long run.

  • Induced draft cooling tower systems:

It is having a mounted fan at the top of the cooling tower which allows the hot air to get out. Due to the high existing air, the velocity is getting reduced and also the chance of recirculation. It will allow them to trap the water droplet while leaving the stream air and a drift eliminator is used. They are most efficient and can be used up to 30% to 70% less energy compared to any other design.

  • Forced draft cooling tower systems:

This is much similar to the induced draught which is one of the basic differences in having an air moving fan is placed at the base of the cooling tower. It will allow the air to flow through the button which is one of the major advantages of having good air conditioning. Although the usage is limited due to the water distribution challenges along with high-powered fans and also a requirement for recirculation.

Advantages of Drycool System’s Cooling Towers:

These are the major advantages of using Cooling Towers by Drycool Systems. Buy cooling tower from us in a very reasonable price.

  • Flexible modular design:

Cooling towers are too small for various industrial processes, which method is more compact for usage. This is the main reason it is entirely made out of galvanized metal cooling Towers and mostly it is above 250 tons. Drycool Systems being the best chiller plant manufacturer what was the combined power of 2500 cooling dance in a modular single unit. It will offer an extra margin of cooling capacity with giving the advantage of adjustment to operational heat load. This will also make changes in outflow and all the upgrading needs for the future cooling requirement.

  • Life expectancy:

With the standard metal casing and the sheets of galvanized steel, it increases the life expectancy of the cooling towers. It will decrease the chances of catching and rebuilding which will prevent leakage. Even the water is treated properly to decrease the chance of attaching it to the galvanized metal and it will decrease the chance of wearing it out. Even the environmental conditions such as pollution, sunlight, and various other climatic condition will not affect much. This will prevent ambient air pollution to make it a premature failure. It will also decrease the chance of rust, and decelerate the Corrosion grade

  • Easier installation:

Drycool Systems cooling tower is having the advantage of using the latest cooling tower Technology with easy installation mainly on the rooftop. It will have lightweight and it is much less thick than any other traditional cooling tower. The combination of cluster and installation is much easier and faster which makes it much more applicable in the majority of the usage.

  • More economical operation:

With the engineered material it will reduce the inconvenience while operating the cooling tower for various reasons. The uses include water treatment chemicals, electric power usage, materials for maintenance, and labor. It will decrease the chance of unscheduled process downtime while it can be repaired and will not cause any trouble for the cooling towers. In most cases, maintenance and repair are mean interactions in productivity, but it will not happen due to the separate usage of various equipment and alternative materials.