HVAC Chiller

An HVAC chiller is a mechanical device that is used to provide chilled water for a building. The main requirement for the HVAC chiller is to provide a consistent temperature of 7 deg C water to the terminal equipment chilled water coils in the building to properly maintain the temperature of conditioned air. It works by absorbing heat from a fluid, such as water or refrigerant, and rejecting that heat to the outdoor air or a nearby water source. Chillers are typically used in large commercial and industrial buildings, such as office buildings, hospitals, and factories, where a significant amount of cooling is required.
There are several types of chillers, including air-cooled, water-cooled, and evaporative cooled. Air-cooled chillers use air to reject the absorbed heat, while water-cooled chillers use water as the heat rejection medium. Evaporative-cooled chillers reject heat to the air using the process of evaporation. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and is best suited for certain applications.

HVAC Chiller Manufacturer:

We are committed to providing our customers with technology that suits their needs and have introduced a wide variety of water-cooled screw chillers with eco–friendly R134a refrigerant. With ISO 9001:2008 standard-certified factories, Drycool possesses the total capability to manufacture HVAC chillers. These chillers are available in a wide range of capacities. They are easy to install and commission and can handle varying cooling requirements, aided by multiple compressor configurations.

The Drycool HVAC Chillers, have a cooling capacity range from 60 to 900 TR 50Hz version using environmentally sound R134a refrigerant. These units are supplied with rotary screw compressors from Germany, UK, and Italy. The entire product line features high energy efficiency, installation ease, control flexibility, high reliability and advanced controller. The DWC/DGC series are Drycool HVAC chillers for commercial and industrial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require maximum quality and optimal performances especially at part load.

Available in a wide range of capacities, each unit is tested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, matching international standards, prior to their delivery – thus ensuring reliability and optimum performance. 

Air Cooled screw chiller for hvac


Drycool Chillers are available in a vast number of combinations of heat exchangers, compressors and motors for offering different capacities & performance parameters. A chiller may be custom matched to certain building requirements by your Drycool Sales Representatives utilizing the Computer Selection Program. Data which can be provided to you will include:

Chiller Capacity.
• kW Input.
• Evaporator and Condenser Fluid Temperature.
• Evaporator and Condenser Pressure Drop.
• Evaporator and Condenser Tube Water Velocities.
• Electrical Data.
• Part-Load Performance.
• Contact our local Drycool Sales Representative to discuss what Custom Solutions Drycool can
offer to solve your chiller selection questions.

Compressor Design

• Twin Screw Compressor is suitable to operate at 415V, most suited for Indian Operating Electrical Environment.
• High efficiency due to the scientific profile design of screws, high-speed operation, and precision controls.
• Step-less capacity control from 100% to 25% for each compressor. Consistent loading and unloading with hydraulically actuated slide valve mechanism; a rugged and trouble-free design
• These are semi-hermetic type compressors and hence, easily serviceable.
• Robust and proven construction with double-walled, single-housing and new slider technology.
• Each compressor is provided with a self-motor protection module, PTC motor winding
• protection, oil temperature protection, oil level switch and oil heaters – all these guarantees
• reliability and long life.
• Multistage and ultrafine, inbuilt oil-separator results in less oil carryover rate.
• Double casing structure with high-strength inner ribs ensures Lower sound level.
• No external oil pump is required.
• Direct-driven design eliminates gear set; improves efficiency and reliability.

Evaporator/ Condenser Design

• Shell-and-tube type flooded type / Shell and tube DX type heat exchanger.
• Flooded type evaporator 2-pass arrangement. 3-pass arrangement is available as an option.
• Integral finned copper tubes to maximized heat transfer area.
• Cleanable and removable copper tubes for easy serviceability
• Removable water heads for service.
• Victaulic Groove Water connection.
• Relief valves. (Condenser)
• Manufacturing of shell from high-grade steel.
• Condenser design as per ASME section VIII Div 1.
• Evaporator comes with 19 mm thick closed cell insulation.
• Condenser design capable for full pump down operation.

Electronic Expansion Valve (EXV) – Precise and Efficient Control

EXVs are used to maintain a precise flow of refrigerant to the evaporator, under both full load and part-load operation of the compressor. It can precisely control superheat at the outlet of the evaporator with faster response, irrespective of the wide variation in capacity. EXVs are an improvement over conventional thermostatic expansion valves and enable reduction of energy loss and hence, improve overall efficiency of chillers. The EXV operation is controlled by an electronic controller module, which is user friendly and provides multiple application options. It is provided with battery back-up so that in case of a power failure, EXV can close positively and stop any liquid flood-back to compressor.

• The economizer circuit consists of plate type heat exchanger, expansion valve and solenoid valve.
• Refrigerant is sub-cooled at economizer before entering the evaporator, the flash refrigerant
• from economizer is fed into compressor at intermediate pressure.
• The economizer increased cooling capacity by means of the sub-cooling circuit.
• Cooling capacity is increased significantly with marginal increases in kW-input, thus, unit EER is improved.

PLC and HMI Control Panel

Advanced PLC, HMI and Scada is a standard features on all Drycool Screw Chillers. This maintains
all analog and digital inputs to achieve precise control of the operational and protective functions of
the unit. Direct Digital Control (DDC) allows fingertip user interaction. The easy-to-use, HMI and menu-driven software provide access to operating conditions, control set points and alarm history, displayed on an HMI.

User-friendly Operation Modes

• Programmed Auto Mode: Auto-start and stop are programmable for the life cycle of the machine.
This minimizes operator intervention and facilitates auto-restart on power restoration after load
shedding or grid supply failure.
• Auto Mode: Start-and-Stop of the unit is controlled manually by a single button. Subsequent
operation of the unit is fully automatic through microcomputer control.
• Manual Mode: Facilitates testing of the unit in manual mode.
• Remote mode (for Hardware BMS/PLC): Facilitates switching-on of the unit from a remote location
through Hardware BMS. Panels are provided with three additional digital outputs and one digital
input (start key) hardware BMS, as a standard scope of supply.

Adaptive Control
Discharge/suction pressure limiting is done by unloading. This offers the advantage of the HVAC chiller
running unloaded, instead of tripping. In case the compressor current increases above the set valve, the sensor senses the increase and signals the PLC to unload, thus maintaining the current within the set value.

Remote Monitoring & Control (Option)
Drycool, as an HVAC solution provider understands the current trend of focusing on chiller
plant performance and optimization. Drycool Intelligence – A division of Drycool Systems offers several solutions such as Drycool’s Shared and Value Enhancement Savings, Drycool Energy Conservation Investment Partnership to the building owner to achieve optimized chiller plant room controls, operation, and performance.

Drycool’s state-wise after-sales service
• A state-wise service network backs every unit.
• After the initial warranty period, Drycool offers annual maintenance service schemes.