Bio Gas Chillers

Bio Gas Chillers:

Drycool Systems manufacture bio gas chillers. We are focusing on using recyclable products which is one of the major innovations of our engineers. Biological fuels were previously used for various purposes but we will generate biogas in dumps which needs to be clarified by removing moisture and various other undesirable products which are properly condensed. you can buy chiller for bio gas plant in a very good price.

bio gas chiller

Dehumidification is integrated into the biogas chillers to properly process the biogas which is being used for producing energy. Our team of engineers will offer reliability with their expertise by posting a range of biogas chillers for every purpose. All biogas chillers are made out of standard units which are specifically designed and built for usage in industrial purposes in extreme operating conditions.

Every biogas chiller will give the reliability to operate throughout the year in every condition without any issue. They will offer various benefits due to the properly sized or components being used in the product. We follow the international standard of the construction process which will offer an extreme level of quality control.

We are the best chiller supplier in India, as we are offering high standard industry integrated with biogas capacity ranging from 56 to 5000 m/h. Every piece of equipment is properly tested to offer all kinds of protection to ensure the long-term operation and efficiency to work in every industrial use. Every biogas chiller made by us is properly equipped with EC fans which is an optional accessory.

This will enable proper functioning and operation even in the low ambient temperature. This will ensure to have conserved energy by saving the cost of the production in every industrial use. Everybody has a chiller is having an electromechanical interface which is the most standard supply in that equipment. You will also get customized advanced electronic interfaces as an option according to the requirement of your industry.

Prominent Features of the Drycool System’s Biogas Chillers:

We have listed all the major features of Drycool Systems Biogas chillers below.

  • Our biogas chillers will have lower fuel biogas consumption for every kind of industrial use. This will ensure the long run without much maintenance required.
  • It will completely remove the moisture from the biogas which will help in keeping the compressors intact. No issues will be created as the biogas will be purified every time it is being used by the equipment.
  • During the maintenance period, only a few of the oil needs to be changed. We will ensure to have quick maintenance with maximum functionality with zero downtime for your industrial production.
  • Get the completely increased engine efficiency due to the industrial standard followed up by international level by our expert engineers.
  • Biogas chillers are available in an air-cooled and water-cooled variant which can be selected according to the requirement of the industry.
  • It will not take up much space due to the compact design offered by our elegant design.
  • Get the portable variant with the customized industrial chiller option offered by our engineers for every industrial requirement.