Chiller For Heavy Industrial Purpose

We manufacture industrial chillers for heavy industrial purposes. you can buy an industrial chiller from us with the best quality at the best price. Please call or WhatsApp on 9811134394.


any anodizing and electroplating applications which involve coating one metal on another surface or increase the thickness of natural oxide layer on metal surfaces, Drycooll’s anodizing chiller and application chiller to provide cooling of rectifier tanks.

Drycool’s Biogas Dehumidfiers are one stop solution to remove moisture from the biogas which is consequentially used in generation of electricity. These state of the art biogas dehumidifiers is designed using two to three heat exchanges using industry leading shell and tube heat exchanger design softwares.

Drycool’S world class HVAC chillers are designed using R-134a and R-407c refrigerants and provide 7 deg C for ar handling units, fan coil units, chilled beams at a very high COP and EER. The HVAC chillers come in Water cooled VFD Screw Chiller Series, Air Cooled VFD cooled chiller series, Water cooled inverter screw chiller series and air-cooled inverter screw chiller series.

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