Glycol Chillers

Glycol chillers are mostly used in thermal care applications which will help in minimizing the investment along with ongoing energy cost. You need to consider various important factors if you are selecting the best brewery chiller or distillery glycol chiller. Even though but like all chillers are not much efficient for the heat transfer medium compared to the water and also it is having and also it is having reduced pumping capabilities.

Brewery and Distillery Glycol Chillers:

While using the chiller process setpoint which is being used by glycol. Get the completely manual-operated setpoint temperature between 25 degrees Fahrenheit to 27 degrees Fahrenheit due to the customized compressor setup. The usage of food-grade glycol will help maintain the appropriate percentage in the temperature to ensure the best freeze protection for your equipment.

It is recommended by our engineers to use the high-quality inhibited food grade glycol. We mostly use propylene glycol in the recommended percentage of the manufacturer to have the lowest setpoint temperature. By using the inhibited glycol, we will have the best solution which is having edit functionality to prevent the formation of corrosion and scale by protecting the metals in the system.

water cooled scroll chiller

If you are using an insufficient percentage of glycol then the system will lead to rupture and freezing in the evaporator of the chiller. While using too much glycol will reduce the efficiency in the entire system of the chiller. Every brewery and distillery glycol chillers will have a high flow which will provide the maximum heat transfer to have increased cooling of the products.

But it will offer the best freeze protection for your cooling system which is much required for industrial use. We will recommend using the brewery and distillery glycol chillers once you are processing water setpoint if the temperature drop is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily maintain the refrigerant temperature ranging between 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

It will help the temperature control between 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit which is much required for various industries in these categories.

Best Features of Drycool System’s Glycol Chillers:

These are the major features of the brewery and distillery glycol chillers that are being offered by our company.

  • Get the high fluid flow which will increase the maximum heat transfer with the fast and consistent cooling system.
  • The equipment is specifically designed for offering temperature control between 20 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in glycol to support the proper cooling needs.
  • It is specifically designed to operate properly in every extreme environment without any problem. This will have reduced maintenance costs by increasing the productivity of your industry.
  • Every item will be properly backed up by an experienced team of engineers to give you complete direction. Our team of expert service professionals will guarantee the proper selection of water chiller Oracle chiller according to their need to have the investment with a higher return of investment.
  • Get completely advanced compressors that will ensure high reliability and efficiency for usage in your industry.