Inverter Scroll Chiller

We will be offering the best quality scroll chiller which is having an integrated inverter. We are the first company who is offering the 3-star exceeding efficiency to have the proper chiller efficiency program. We are offering the most effective power consumption by saving energy which will offer the best high return of investment for every inverter scroll chiller.

water cooled inverter scroll chiller

It is being manufactured using international standards using proper certification to ensure the high quality of the machinery. We are offering a wide range of capacities for the inverter scroll chillers which is ranging between 10 TR to 78 TR. Inverters called chillers can easily handle cooling requirements as they are having a combination of fixed speed compressor configuration along with inverter speed compression configurations.

Get the proper air conditioning for various spaces including industries, offices, hospitals, and hotels. Inverter scroll chillers are much important to search buildings which are having large fluctuation loads throughout the day. This will enable the machinery to work effectively without any issues to ensure savings on the power consumption.

Drycool Systems is the best chiller manufacturer in India who will be offering high-end inverter scroll chillers. Inverter scroll chiller is properly manufactured and maintained to work in extreme tropical conditions without any issue. It can be easy maintenance without any downtime as they are having integrated two different compressors at the same time.

Inverters called chillers are available in two different varieties which include water-cooled inverter scroll chiller and air-cooled inverter scroll chiller. They are having two different ranges of capacities including 12 TR to 72 TR for the air-cooled version and 13 TR to 78 TR for the water-cooled version. It is having an installed scroll compressor that will ensure the high reliability and efficiency to have advanced technology innovative by our expert team of engineers.

Important Features of Drycool System’s Inverter Scroll Chillers:

  • Inverter scroll chillers are having touchscreen options which is much easier to operate without much configuration in manual labor.
  • Get the quickest and easy installation with the help of our experienced and skilled technicians. Get complete satisfaction from our customer service with the proper recommendation and installation procedure in every step.
  • Get completely silent operation due to the European origin standard of scroll chillers which is having great functionality. It will eliminate the chance of sounds while operating for a longer period without any issue.
  • Get the most precise temperature control with every piece of equipment to properly control according to the requirement of the industry.
  • Inverter scroll chillers are having integrated intelligent microprocessor control which will ensure the understanding of the requirement with a single configuration.
  • Get insured anti-corrosion condenser along with the proper coating off powder which will ensure a non-rusting and corrosion-free experience in the long run without the requirement for any maintenance.
  • We will guarantee a high return on investment with every purchase of inverters called chillers as we will ensure high-grade equipment quality for your industry.