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Drycool Systems is one of India’s leading chiller Manufacturer company. We manufacture Industrial chiller like Air cooled screw chillers, Water cooled screw chillers, Air cooled scroll chillers, water cooled scroll chillers, ammonia chillers, Brine chillers, Batching Plant chillers,
We are one of the best chillers manufacturers in India, we supply our chillers in India & all over the world.

  • Air Cooled screw chiller for hvac

Drycool System’s Products & Services:

We are experts dealing with all the best industrial chillers in India which will ensure an excellent level of equipment for every kind of application. We have listed our major products and services which will make your environment and productivity more fluid and advanced.
We are equipped with proper HVAC chiller system integration, investment management, core integration air conditioning production, and contract energy Management. We are completely dedicated to utilizing geothermal, thermal power generation, industrial waste heat recovery, and various other new energy fields.
we provide various types of HVAC chiller We will be completely focusing on the production and system development of the central air conditioning systems, solutions, and services.

Screw Chillers

Scroll Chillers


Get the unmatched quality range along with high demand nationwide which ensure the quality, durability, high performance along with the ability to protect products, people, and process from various coming from air contamination. Drycool Systems is one of the best chiller manufacturers in India. We will be offering the best solution which includes designing, manufacturing, installing, and also validating clean rooms to offer flawless products to valuable clients.
Being the best chiller supplier in India, we will ensure that every system is completely superior in temperature and pressure range, it will be meeting the demands. They will offer all the reasonable efforts for having various advantages for being the renowned chiller plant manufacturer. We are experienced in manufacturing and designing sophisticated dehumidifiers, refrigeration systems as being the best-Customized Chiller Supplier in India.
We will ensure to offer effective solutions to control temperature and humidity for your processes and products. We are proficient in quality, system design, and performance. Our company is completely expert in catering to various industrial and commercial sectors.

Screw Chillers:

Screw Chillers are available in two different versions air-cooled screw chillers and water-cooled screw chillers. It will work properly in tropical conditions which will be completely operational and maintain the energy efficiently. It is completely manufactured and designed to deliver superior designing and manufacturing standards. Industrial screw chillers are properly designed with the combination of metallurgy along with qualitative material which is a unique design and it’s fitted with the most efficient compressors that come from Europe.

Scroll Chillers:

Scroll Chillers is a unique design to offer high energy-efficient working conditions even in extreme tropical weather. There are two different types of scroll chillers available in the market including Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers & Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers. They are completely friendly to be operational and easy to install which is being completely backed up by a team of skilled engineers. They are properly designed, manufactured, and tested with approval from International parameters to ensure the best quality of equipment.

Water Cooled Scroll Chillers:

Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers are completely eco-friendly and much easier to install with the proper functioning to work properly in extreme tropical weather conditions. The compressor is having utilization capacity along with individual refrigeration circuits and separate refrigeration circuits. It will also offer the best reliability due to the multiple compressor configuration in the machinery. The refrigeration circuits which are installed in the Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers are completely separate and it can be so it can be easy maintenance even if the other working modules are on duty.

Ammonia Chillers:

Drycool Systems is one of the best ammonia chiller manufacturers in India and we are responsible for the manufacturing and supplying of the best ammonia chiller which is skid mounted and compact and suitable for use in a wide temperature range. The temperature range can be maintained between medium to low according to the cooling application required for productivity. It is most suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical, cold storage, chemical, dairy, industrial gases, etc. We ensure the best choice of equipment and accessories which are being proposed to every client by our engineering team.

Air Cooled Screw Chillers:

Air Cooled Screw Chiller is the best for working in harsh tropical weather while maintaining operational efficiency and energy. Drycool Systems is one of the best chiller manufacturers in India who is completely equipped with the best engineers to design and manufacture while maintaining superior standards. It is completely eco-friendly and much easy to install and all the test is being completed by the international parameters before it is being supplied to the industries.

Air Cooled Scroll Chillers:

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller is completely energy efficient which is designed to work even in extreme tropical weather conditions. It is having European compressors and even all the chillers are designed and manufactured along with the test is being done by international standards. Drycool Systems is one of the best chiller plant manufacturers which uses an easy installation process and an operation-friendly engineering team to ensure you with the best equipment. It is having multiple compressive configurations which will offer the individual separate refrigeration circuit unit. It is equipped with a fluid pump and storage tank with the skid installation.

Water Cooled Screw Chillers:

Water Cooled Screw Chiller is having the best design to which time the extreme tropical weather conditions even maintain the highest energy efficiency. The design of the government is to with identical conditions with superior standards. Drycool Systems offers the best chillers in India responsible for maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing and testing with high-quality facilities. We try to maintain the international standards which make us the best chiller manufacturers in India. The equipment is completely operation friendly and can be easily installed and it is being completely backed up by the engineering team to maintain the advantages during the industrial operation.

Oil Chillers:

Oil Chillers is having specially designed equipment that will cool the oil directly using the refrigerant to oil heat exchanging circuits. It is designed in a unique way that can handle the oil while entering the evaporator even when the temperature is higher than normal. Now temperature of the oil will also be higher than normal and it uses the standard preparation to cool. Oil Chillers also have two different types of models including the water-cooled variant and air-cooled variant. Oil Chillers are compact which is have mounted oil pumps and speed and are properly tested according to the international factory standards.

Why Us?

• Where having the engineering process to offer great power savings.
• Cost-effective installations.
• Latest technology.
• High-quality pieces of equipment with customizable options.
• Highly experienced with proper skill.
• Extreme technical knowledge in the field.
• Offering services to various application industries.

About Our Company:

Drycool Systems India Private Limited was established in the year of 1989 and it is one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. We are offering a wide range of products which include water chilling plants, cooling towers, etc. We offer the best productivity of products by the development using innovative technology and qualitative material. Being the best chiller manufacturers in India, we test every piece of equipment in different parameters to ensure flawless and maximum performance.
We are experienced in the manufacturing of next-generation air and water-cooled screw chiller which are having dedicated refrigeration of R407C, R717, R134A, R507 & R404A. Drycool Systems is the best chiller supplier in India which is a certified company under ISO 9001:2000, the company is dedicated to customers with high-quality products at budget-friendly prices. Our high-quality business equipment includes us having a good relationship with various countries including Southeast Asia, Gulf, and African countries.
We are one of the best Chiller manufacturers and designers of cooling systems and water chilling plants. We are having the technical knowledge along with the perfect skills to outshine in this field. We will be serving many core industries with our high-quality equipment. All of our industrial systems and equipment are having crucial importance in both large-scale businesses and small-scale businesses.
All equipment and systems are properly engineered to ensure cost-effective installation, less power consumption along advanced technologies. We will be offering our advanced cooling solutions to various industries which include.

chiller for Injection molding industry.
Pharma & chemicals industries.
Pipe industries.
Soap industries.
Food & beverages industries.
Anodizing industries.
Multilayers/pp films industry.
chiller for lamination plant
Chiller for Sole Molding
Chiller For Tape Plant
Chiller For Blow Molding

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