Chiller for Lamination Plant

Drycool System’s Chiller for Lamination Plant is highly efficient in tropical weather conditions. We have installed European-origin compressors in our chillers. Our chillers are user friendly and can be easily installed with our skilled engineering team.

chiller for lamination plant

We are the best chiller manufacturer in India. Due to the installation of a separate refrigeration circuit, it can work easily even when the maintenance module is busy. We will offer the best quality of products being the best chiller supplier in India. Is completely compact along with the installation of a fluid pump along with a storage tank on the skid.

It is completely operational efficient along with maintaining the energy. Our chillers are completely environment friendly. The refrigerants include R22, R407C, and R134A. They are having different kinds of compressors like double stage semi-hermetic, single-stage open type, single-stage screw, double stage open type.

The entire manufacturing process is depending on the different sizes and the requirement of the industry. We are using a special alloy which is much like steel and it will offer a completely lower temperature for any industry requirement. All the chillers can operate in various voltages which is one of the major advantages of using them.

Prominent Features of Drycool System’s Chiller for Lamination Plant:

  • compressors made of European products.
  • Compressors are completely reliable and energy-efficient.
  • There have been separate refrigeration circuits along with every compressor.
  • They are having been integrated environment-friendly refrigerants such as R134A, R407C, R410A, etc.
  • Installed with electronic expansion valve which will offer large capacity along with precise temperature and energy efficiency control.
  • It is happy integration of tube evaporators and shell virtual offered high pressure and high flow design to process the various specific application.
  • Due to the high condensing and low FPI count, it will offer high flow along with low noise in pressure-controlled equipment.

Advantages of Drycool System’s Chiller for Lamination Plant:

  • Even in the extreme temperature, it will add optimum temperature by optimizing the complete process with the equipment.
  • It will offer a cost-effective alternative to all the international industrial chillers available in the market.