Chiller For Tape Plant

The Chiller for Tape Plant will help in reducing the actual cost due to the engineering for reliability through design simplicity along with lower life cycle costs. We are one of the best chiller manufacturers in India, and We manufacture an optimized compressor parts profile that is specially designed for chilled water application to optimize full load efficiency and part-load efficiency.

Drycool System’s Chiller for Tape Plant will offer the best machinery services for tape plants. It includes both scroll and screw compressor which is being used in the Tape Plant industry. HFCs like R134A, R22, R407C, and R410A, etc are used as the cooling applicants as the best refrigerant options. Smart H microprocessor is integrated into the machine, which will give great reliability along with a proactive control strategy. 

Chiller For Tape Plant

The compact dealers will offer quick and easy installation into the tape plant industry, it is one of the best choices for factory and new building designs as well. It also has safety functions along with simple diagnostic to offer industrial automation and energy management with an easy interface.

Benefits of Drycool System’s Chiller for Tape Plant:

  • Due to the uses of the high-efficiency tube and shell evaporator and condenser to save energy up to 30%.
  • There are tube and shell-type condensers installed which is also known as a water cold system in the series of the chiller.
  • It can be used for maintaining the large cooling capacity which could be having a higher temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  • It is having a microcomputer controller along with a temperature display.
  • It has low power consumption compared to other versions of the chiller.
  • It is most reliable and will offer the service for a longer period.
  • Get a better cooling efficiency with every chiller.
  • The output power of the compressor is controlled automatically by the control system.
  • The screw compressor used in the chiller will decrease the impact on the power grid of the equipment.
  • There are various refrigerants used in the chiller which include R134A, R22, R407C, and R410A.
  • Quick and easy control panel which will enable the industry to be operated properly with PLC option.

Advantages of Drycool System’s Chiller for Tape Plant:

  • All the Chiller for Tape Plant are having a simple design and do not need a second set of pumps for the condenser.
  • Chiller for Tape Plant are having capabilities for handling large cooling loads as the equipment will be using the water evaporation technique to dissipate heat. This technique is fully energy-intensive compared to blowing air around hot surfaces. The blowing air technique is used by Chiller for Tape Plant which is completely different from Chiller for Tape Plant. Water is having more heat capacity compared to air and it can easily remove heat compared to air.